250,000 cases completed

since operating as a dental lab over 50 years ago we have completed over 250,000 cases for dentists across Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Implants, Orthodontics, Mouth Guards and much more…and still counting.

Getting the perfect result, each and every time

Technology in Dentistry is moving forwards very quickly and City Dental are committed to embrace technology so that we can provide excellent results each and every time with fast turnaround times.

Supporting Dentists Providing Cutting Edge Dentistry

Our technicians are trained on latest CAD/CAM technologies and can work with Digital Dentists across the country. We understand the investment of learning and development put in to use digital impression technology and work with dentists to gain the optimum result for their patients.

Devoted to Research & Finding a Better Way

We are constantly researching the latest trends and technologies to help us support our clients with dentistry in the 21st century. This means adopting digital technologies, researching the best materials, quality control and hand crafted dental appliances where needed.


using CAD/CAM technology for perfect Crowns each and every time


gain the perfect margins and fit


dentures produced to the highest quality

We are committed to helping our clients provide dentistry with clear results for their patients. Consistency, accuracy and quality are integral in achieving this in a cost effective manner as possible. We are here to support our clients and develop our systems to ensure you have a stress free experience in your dentistry as possible.

Harry Gill & Sandy Dau, Co-Owners of City Dental Lab Ltd

Becoming the most loved Dental Lab

We are keen to keep up with the times and encourage our technicians to attend courses to learn new methods and use the best and most current materials available. City Dental Laboratory is obviously MHRA Registered and also DAMAS Certified which assures you of your commitment to quality materials and products.